Proxim PTP_QB-10100L


High Throughput Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Bundle


Proxim Wireless is a leader and an early innovator in wireless technology providing high-speed, long-range broadband wireless solutions. Proxim introduces the Tsunami® QB-10100L, a software License controlled version of Tsunami® QB-10100 that delivers up to 400 Mbps data rate in a 40 MHz channel.
The Tsunami® QB-10100L benefits from all advantages and features of Tsunami® QB-10100 and it can be field license upgraded to very high throughput mode of over 600Mbps of useable capacity. Tsunami® QB-10100 can rely on the following features to satisfy carriers, wireless service providers and Government organizations that need very high-speed carrier class wireless backhaul:
Proxim WORP® – Combines network access control, data scheduling, advanced QoS and encryption to ensure highly efficient and secure data transmission.
Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of interference mitigation technologies ensuring robust and reliable communications in high-density wireless deployments.

مشخصات محصول

پورت اترنت


پورت رادیویی

External N-connectors

توان ارسال


فرکانس باند

4.9GHz to 5.9GHz

پهنای باند رادیو



16Qam, 256Qam, 64Qam, Bpsk, Qpsk

قابلیت افزایش ظرفیت


input voltag


تائید نمونه سازمان تنظیم مقررات و ارتباطات رادیویی


تصحیح سازی خطاها


استانداردهای تنظیم مقررات و رگولاتوری

Canada: IC RSS 102 + RSS 111 + RSS 247, Europe: EN 301 893, Europe: EN 301-489-17, Europe: EN 302 502, Europe: RED EN 301 489-1, USA: FCC 90Y + 15E (UNII 15.247

عرض کانال

20MHz, 40MHz

متعلقات داخلی


Environmental standard

IP 67

الگوریتم های رمزنگاری

AES 128

استانداردهای بی سیم


Features and technologies

Mimo, OFDM, Vlan